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*Due to the fact that a lot of the older testimonial photos seem to have stopped showing up, I'll be entering the newer testimonials in this table so that the photos don't expire. Ah, technology. Anyone whose testimonial photos aren't appearing, please email me your photos so I can repost it in this table. *


February 24th, 2015 - Mary Kathryn F. says;

I just want to write to you to let you know that our Dexter (who's name was previously Columbus) is that most amazing dog we've ever known.  We have three kids ages 18, 12 and 8.  He is so sweet and loving and gentle and easy... he amazes us every day.  We are constantly stopped by people blown away by his beauty and easy going personality.  We take him everywhere... baseball, lacrosse, etc.  We live on a large lake in Georgia and he spends all kinds of time with us on the boat, the beach and in the water.  Dexter is our first golden and first pure bred dog.  We are absolutely in love with him!  Thank you!
Best Regards, Mary Kathryn Fiorillo (Cumming, GA)


February 23rd, 2015 - Peter B. says;

I wanted to thank you once again!!! We are totally in love with Kiefer (two year old Male) we just got from you a few weeks ago. I do not think words can express how well he has transitioned into our family. A true testament to how well he was raised and treated while in your care. He is the talk of the neighborhood with how well behaved he is and just how amazing he looks.  He is so gentle with the kids (5,7,9) and sits at my feet while I am working from my home office.  I can't wait to get him into the woods come Spring to hike and run. Pete - Millburn, NJ


February 1st, 2015 - Patty B. says;

Everywhere I go, whether I am headed for training class or taking Bella for a romping day at her Doggie Daycamp, I am stopped - and the words, "Beautiful, Gorgeous," spring from admirer's mouths.  With the constitution of a show dog, Bella cannot walk in public without constant admiration and attention.  But it isn't just her stunning physical appearance, it is also her warm, loving, and sweet disposition. We cannot rave enough about our breeder, who combined the best of European and American parents to produce this beauty in the July, 2014 litter.  Having previously owned 2 other Goldens, I spent a great deal of time researching breeders.  Cynazar is the BEST. Bella was exposed to young children, the loving hearts of the breeders, and her entire doggie family - including her father!  When I went to see the litter at 5 weeks of age I was initially shocked to see the puppies with BOTH mom and dad (who are gorgeous).  With Bella's physical beauty; her loving and easy temperament; her extremely intelligent mind and easy training, I found myself perusing the site tonight because I think, down the road, she needs a Cynazar brother! It will not happen so quickly, as I want Bella to enjoy being the "baby" in our household of 2 Siberian cats (all have bonded nicely!).  But our desire to have another is on my radar for the future.  If the reader wishes to hear more from me, please contact Cynazar, whom I offer my willingness to be personally contacted. Looking for a high quality breeder of Goldens is a timely process - I can verify to you that my now 6 month old Golden is a gem, and should you pursue adopting a puppy I am certain that you will be as ecstatic as I am -- about Bella.


October 20th, 2014 - RJ and Nienie J. say;

Not only was Daddy Yankee, Sampsons father, the best dog my wife and I ever met, but the pups are  extremely impressive. Strong, healthy, courteous and whenever picked up they immediately go to full love and sweetness mode. We did our homework. And we made the best choice.
We are also big fans of Cynazar in every way, the owners are spot on.  Competent. Honest. Experienced. Awakened. Very caring but don't attach themselves to the pups. The transistion home was amazing. Sammy, now 9 weeks old, rarely if ever even cries when alone in his pen and his balance of independence and snuggle time is perfect.  Sammy also amazingly enuff, already lets us know when outside is needed... Not housebroken, but will be easy with such a cognitive pup.
We are in love. Sammy is our first, but not our last. Be wise and dont spend a hell of a lot more at other bs breeders who most are nothing but money hungry worthless manipulators to get your hard earned dollar, spending thousads and getting less pup.  Also, we believe Cynazar price range is the sweet spot between bs and a puppy mill mess. If you meet the parents, you will buy the pups - they were perfect. Please use us as reference if needed, we would be happy to share this incredible experience with anyone.
RJ, Nienie & Sammy Johnson
Burlington County, NJ


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Friday, July 2, 2010

What Laura P. has to say:
Our two puppies Chase and Bailey born 7/6/08 (BlueMoon/SnowWhite). They are amazing! Cynazar Goldens are the BEST!!!
6:33 pm edt 

What Cindy C. has to say:
I LOVE my Cynazar Golden! Roxie- born and named P.K. - is doing GREAT!
We adore her! She is happy and healthy! Pictures to follow!
6:22 pm edt 

What Allison L. has to say:
I am so excited this group exists! My dog, Nellie is from the 3/3/09 BG x Mr. Big litter. I'll post some photos now, but I would love to see some of the others from that litter. She is still quite a handful, but is a great dog with a huge personality.

6:07 pm edt 

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