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About Cynazar

“Quality First; Beauty & Brains Combined”


  • Buy with confidence from an experienced breeder. Cynthia Black has been involved with dogs and animals since she was born. She is a professional groomer and breeder and can boast about breeding the Number 2 female Chinese Shar-Pei in the USA in 1993 - this took only 5 years of careful breeding, much to the dismay of other breeders who had been involved for 20+ years. She finished 6 Shar-Pei Champions herself.

  • Cynazar Kennels has been in love with Goldens since 1990. The same passion that went into producing CH. Cynazar's L.A. Woman (Number 2 female Shar-Pei 1993) goes into breeding top quality Golden Retrievers.

  • Cynazar has an eye for perfection, which is what it takes to produce a "head turning" golden retriever. When you buy from Cynazar, you get top quality, plus valuable knowledge based upon years of experience. That is what it takes to produce a puppy you can be proud to walk down the street. The quality will speak for itself.


Here is Cynthia's daughter, Jenne, holding "Beauty" as a puppy. Beauty was born 12/14/07, out of our American pair, Dunkin and BG.


Our Dogs' Quality of Life:

Our breeding dogs have all their clearances, which include hips, heart, elbows, and eyes. We only breed OFA Good and OFA Excellent dogs. We love "blocky heads" and lots of bone. We do not breed our dogs until they turn two years old and pass all clearances. We also believe that an early retirement is beneficial to our Goldens both mentally and physcially. We focus exclusively on the Golden Retriever, and make a point of having our dogs live with us in our home, not a kennel or a barn. Our family spends every day with our Goldens making sure they get the love and attention they deserve! Our dogs drink un-chlorinated sparkling clear mountain spring water without any chemicals, and breathe in the fresh mountain breezes of the Appalachian Mountains. We supervise them as they run on our 120 acres of Pennsylvania forest, pasture land, streams, and lakes. All of our dogs and puppies are allowed to run, swim, and get hours of love and attention each and every day. We love to go horseback riding with our dogs, and during the winter we go snowmobiling with them to make sure they stay in perfect shape year-round. Our dogs are living the life here at Cynazar Goldens!


  • When shopping for a puppy, ask the people you contact, "And how long have you been breeding dogs - particularly Goldens and what experience do you have?” You will be amazed what answers you get! Oh, and how many clubs you belong to does NOT make you a qualified or knowledgeable breeder - anyone can join a club.

  • Cynazar makes the commitment to quality based upon a lifetime of experience and knowledge to produce a healthy, happy, head turning golden puppy for you and your family to enjoy and be proud of.

  • We are always available via e-mail or phone for any type of support you need at any life stage for your puppy, adolescent, adult or senior golden.


Our Puppies:

We make sure that we breed the sweet and loving family companion that the classic Golden Retriever is known for into each of our puppies. In order to ensure proper socialization, every member of our family helps in raising our puppies from birth. We whelp and raise our litters in our kitchen under 24 hour supervision. In our home, they grow up around our house cats and other animals. Our puppies become comfortable with common household sounds such as the vaccuum, telephone, and television, as apposed to puppies raised in a kennel or barn environment. We believe it is best to keep our puppies with their mother for as long as possible as they are growing up. As responsible breeders, we never let a puppy leave to their new home before 8 weeks of age. Our puppies are dewormed on a regular basis and are ONLY sold with a clean bill of health.


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