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Why Do We Have Older Puppies and Adolescents Available?

We are asked all the time why we have adolescents available more frequently than we have puppies.
Simply put, it is because we are truly dedicated to the betterment of the Golden Retriever breed. We choose only the best puppies from each of our litters so that we ensure excellence in our future generations. In each of our carefully planned breedings, we strive to produce puppies that are superior in every way possible to those of our last litter.
#1) At 8 weeks of age, it is impossible to know which puppy will develop all of the attributes that we desire in a breeding dog.
We accept nothing less than the whole package - Excellent Health, Well Rounded Temperament, and Flawless Conformation. There is no excuse to settle for less. Keeping a "Pick Puppy" from a litter does not guarantee that they will get an OFA Excellent, nor does it guarantee that one of their siblings won't develop into a more exquisite dog given a few more months to develop. We have learned this lesson numerous times and have witnessed first hand how the nicest puppy of the litter can later be surpassed by a sibling. We have also kept two siblings and had one receive an OFA Excellent hip rating, and the other receive an OFA Fair. There is no way to determine if an 8 week old puppy will eventually meet our high expectations, so it is always in our best interest to hold onto more than one.
#2) We are ready, willing, and able to properly care for our puppies past 8 weeks of age.
Scooting all of our puppies out the door at 8 weeks old is not our goal. First of all, we are very careful in choosing the families that will take one of our puppies home, and will wait for the perfect family to walk through our front door before we part with one of our dogs. When it comes to raising our puppies, we are happy to provide the extra time and effort necessary to continue raising them properly. Our dogs are raised in our home, and get many hours of supervised play both indoors and outdoors on our 120 acres of property. We feed only the highest quality foods to all of our Golden Retrievers because we believe that "you are what you eat".
A litter of puppies needs:
a) lots of daily attention, mental stimulation, and constant supervision.
b) a safe, spacious, stimuli-rich environment in which they have room to exercise and grow.
c) an excellent diet, which is costly.
d) regular dewormings, necessary vaccinations, and access to veterinarian attention.
e) pristeen sanitary conditions, which entails cleaning multiple times a day.
We are willing to dedicate the extra time, space, money, and effort into raising our choice puppies rather than selling them all as soon as they are old enough to leave our home. Our dogs are our passion, not a burden.
#3) We take pride in having the special privilege of watching our own puppies develop and grow.
Being aware of exactly what each of our dogs is producing is essential to our breeding program, and is one of the reasons why we are able to produce exactly what we are looking for in such a short period of time. Seeing photos, hearing anecdotes, or even going to visit puppies that we have sold won't ever provide us with the same intricate understanding that we are able to get from actually experiencing our puppies grow up in our own home. We do keep in touch with the families that take our puppies home through our Cynazar Owners Facebook Group, which has helped us greatly in studying what our bloodlines produce. It is wonderful to know that our breeding dogs consistently produce cute 8 week old puppies, however, it is much more useful for us to know with certainty that they produce healthy 8 year old adults. This is information that can only be attained by staying in close contact with the owners of our dogs for the lifetime of the dog. We believe that being able to study first hand how each of our puppies matures gives us a greater advantage because it provides us invaluable insight that pictures and updates cannot. By raising our own puppies instead of just relying on photos and updates from our puppy owners, we get a hands on understanding of their physical and mental development which helps us make much wiser decisions in our breeding program. Not every puppy is the same, which is why raising multiple siblings simultaneously is important to us. It gives us the advantage of being aware of the subtle differences between siblings.
The more appropriate question would be why wouldn't we have adolescents available?
What do we do with our choice puppies?
We evaluate our puppies casually on a daily basis. At 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age we perform a series of more thorough evaluations. We gather information and determine each puppy's developmental pattern. In most cases every puppy possesses exceptional qualities, so it is important for us to identify which may continue developing into the dog we would most desire. A puppy with a gorgeous blocky head and mediocre conformation would be less valuable to our breeding program than a puppy with a decent head and outstanding conformation. Since we are familliar with which are the features typically present at a young age that are more likely to develop into our desired features at maturity, we are able to identify which puppies should continue being conformationally superior throughout their development. We temperament test all puppies as well, so that we can accurately match their personalities and activity levels with their potential families.
 After we have chosen the top puppies from the litter, we have to decide on which individuals to keep depending on many different factors. Most times we will keep either two females, or two males. If we feel that the litter is of exceptionally outstanding quality, such as if both parents are OFA Excellent, we may choose to keep three or more puppies.
At 4 months of age, we perform another evaluation at which time we are able to take a closer look at the directions each puppy's development has taken. If it is clear that two puppies have surpassed the third puppy conformationally, we may choose to make the third available for sale as a pet.
Between 6 months and 1 year of age, we take our puppies for their "sneak n' peek" x-rays, which is the next most important step in determining whether or not they may be worthy of breeding. The puppies whose hips are well rounded and set deeply in the socket are more likely to receive an OFA Good or OFA Excellent hip rating at 2 years of age. The puppies that are more likely to receive an OFA Fair we feel would be better off becoming stunningly beautiful pets. By breeding OFA Excellent Golden Retrievers with excellent hip ratings in their pedigrees, we do not tend to produce puppies with hip dysplasia. In fact, we impress our veterinarian every time we bring our puppies in for x-rays! However, if we ever discover any form of hip dysplasia, the puppy would be deemed unfit for sale and placed with a loving family that is aware of the problem. The puppies that are likely to receive an OFA Excellent remain at our home and may be made available to other reputable breeders looking for an exceptional unrelated breeding dog. When we sell a puppy or adolescent under a Full Registration to a breeder, we include a guarantee that ensures that they will pass all of their clearances, which include hips, elbows, heart, and eyes. This is because we are confident about the excellent health of our Goldens.
By the time the puppies turn 12 to 18 months old, we've narrowed our selection down to the single most exceptional dog from their litter. As a result, we are left with an adolescent from each of our litters from the previous year. Over the next few months, we painstakingly compare the best of the best in order to select only the most impressive dog for our breeding program. The dogs that are not chosen to enter our breeding program are made available to appropriate homes, and their new owners can brag about owning a truly exeptional Cynazar Golden.
At 2 years of age, we take our Top Cynazar Golden to the vet to have their permanent hip and elbow clearances completed. Finally, after the results are received, they can officially enter our breeding program and begin producing the generation of Cynazar Goldens; a generation even more exceptional than the last.
So, as you have probably already realized, the older the Cynazar Golden is, the higher the dog's quality must be.

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