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Adoption Process

What We Need From You

Exactly what is it you're looking for in your next Golden? Matching the right personality with you and your family is our goal, and we're not satisfied unless you are thoroughly pleased and impressed with the Golden that you bring home! Our Puppy Match is a great tool that will flesh out an accurate description of your ideal Golden using multiple choice questions.
What is your family environment like? We want to know how well our Golden will be cared for, and if they will be safe. In order to better determine this, we'll need some basic information from you. Our Puppy Match form asks you most of these questions.
Are you a good match for one of our Goldens? Meeting with you is the easiest way for us to find out. Simply put, we need to make sure that we feel comfortable with you, and that you feel comfortable with us. After all, a good breeder-owner relationship lasts for a lifetime.
So, reach out to us and let us know that you're looking for a Golden. You can email us or call us. Describe to us what you're looking for and give us some basic information. The best way to do that is to fill out a Puppy Match.
Reserving a puppy from a litter: If we feel that a good match will result from an upcoming litter, you may leave a deposit to reserve your future choice.
Purchasing a puppy, adolescent, or adult: We'll send you descriptions and pictures of the Goldens that match you the best, and you can choose who you'd like to see. We can then set up a day for you to meet us and the Goldens of your choice. If all of us feel comfortable and agree that there is in fact a good match, you may bring your Ultimate Family Companion home that day! You are also more than welcome to reserve your match until you're ready to bring him or her home.

Times We're Available


Days We're Available

You are welcome to visit us in our home, or we can come to you and visit in your home. We are very flexible and can find available time on week days, weekends, and even around the holidays to see you.

We're Looking Forward to Hearing from You!