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Have you been on our site at least one hundred times in the past week? We have some brand new stuff for you to see! We know you love pictures..

February 28th, 2015


Introducing our newest addition to our long list of OFA Excellents,

Cynazar's Dark Side of the Moon!


CHIC Certified, OFA Excellent Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, OFA Normal Heart, OFA Normal Eyes. "Floyd" is 100% European, out of two of our finest European Imports.


January 27th, 2014


The Cynazar Website has finally been updated after one whole year! What's the reason for such a long wait, you ask?

We are happy to announce that the Cynazar Family just became bigger!

Our focus over the past year has been primarily on raising our family (furry members included), and will continue to be from now on. Life is what you make of it; over this past year we've taken the time to focus on what makes us happy, and our lives have been made immeasurably better, richer, and more beautiful because of it!

So please feel free to email or call; we keep busy (dogs are 24/7!) but we do make the time to check our emails and voicemails every day!

July 6th, 2012


While reading the dog health magazine "Fetch!", we found an article about an ongoing lifetime study on Golden Retrievers! This study may help develop a way to prevent cancer and other diseases. What they need right now are more dedicated families to participate. Anyone who owns a Golden Retriever under the age of 2 is eligible. Please CLICK on the picture below to find out how to get involved!

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

November 12th - 13th, 2011


We spent the weekend in Harrisburg, PA, attending the NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance) Annual Conference. The subject of this year's conference was "Purebred Dogs: The Next Endangered Species?", and was the most action-packed, emotionally charged conference yet. Highly regarded professors, veterinarians, breeders, and trainers from across the country attended. Some of the speakers included Dr. Larry Katz from Rutgers, Dr. David Waters from Purdue, and Dr. Frances Smith (President of the AKC). Click Here for the brochure, and Here for the itinerary.


October 23rd, 2011


Below are lists of many Golden names that we've heard over the years. Give us your opinion on which are the worst, best and most interesting!

Irritating Cliche'
Golden Names:
Good Common
Golden Names:
Less Common
Golden Names:
Which do you find most irritating?
Which do you like best?
Which do you find most interesting?
Suggest one?
Suggest one?
Suggest one?
Your Name:

At least one puppy from each of our litters ends up with the name Cooper, Bailey, Bella, or Sunny. Don't worry, we don't hate those names- it just gets a little redundant when everyone names their puppy the same name!

September 15th, 2011


We took our two "Beauty Daughters" for their sneak n' peek x-rays and both sets of hips look absolutely gorgeous! They are sired by Eskimo Pie Evidog (OFA Excellent) and their dam is Cynazar BG's Beauty (OFA Excellent). We can't wait to add two more OFA Excellents to our team!


August 24th, 2011


I just added photos for ten of our dogs on the OFA Excellents Page!


Yes, that's right. The above dogs are all Cynazar OFA Excellents!

August 6th, 2011


I just added four more of our OFA Excellent dogs and three young hopefuls to our OFA Excellents Page. Our list is getting exponentially longer every year! We are seeing exceptional results coming from our hard work.

July 12th, 2011


We just received a batch of five OFA Hip and Elbow Certifications! Results speak for themselves;

Cynazar's Klondike Bar - OFA Excellent (sold)

Cynazar's Good Humor - OFA Good (sold)

Cynazar's Sheza Diva - OFA Excellent

Cynazar Drop Dead Gorgeous - OFA Excellent (sold)

Cynazar's Snow Surprize - OFA Good (sold)

June 6th, 2011


How much fun it is to receive certifications!

After submitting a large number of old CERF forms, several Cardio exams, and a few recent OFA test results, many of our dogs from the present and the past became CHIC Qualified! C.H.I.C. stands for "Canine Health Information Center", and a dog can only qualify for registration with CHIC if they have completed and submitted ALL tests specific to their breed.

Proudly presenting Cynazar's Newly CHIC'd:

Cynazar BG's Beauty * Cynazar Blizzard Conditions * Cynazar Cyndarella's Slipper * Cynazar Drop Dead Gorgeous * Cynazar Let it Snow * Cynazar Lots of Snow * Cynazar Pocket Pooch Plush * Cynazar The First Snowfall * Cynazar's All Shook Up * Cynazar's Good Humor * Cynazar's Jersey Devil * Cynazar's Klondike Bar * Cynazar's She's So Pretty * Cynazar's Sheza Diva * Cynazar's Snow Angel * Cynazar's Snow Surprize * Eskimo Pie Evidog * Farrah Evidog * Mission Imposible of Wolf Point * Priscilla Mediguard

June 1st, 2011


We are happy to announce that many of our dogs will now be searchable in the CERF Database! Each year we've taken our dogs for their eye exams, however we now feel that it is important that these records be accessible online. We've been busy gathering our many CERF forms and have successfully submitted around 1/3rd of them so far! Soon, our complete CERF records will be conveniently accessible online!

May 7th, 2011


Here are some hilarious videos for our fellow animal lovers:

Hungry Dog, "Yeah?"

Very Angry Cat

May 5th, 2011


Excellent news- Skimo produced himself once again!

Cynazar's Klondike Bar and Cynazar's Good Humor, brothers from our 12/28/08 litter out of Eskimo Pie Evidog x Cynazar's Ice Cream Sundae, went for their two year permanent OFA's today. Both boys look to be receiving OFA Excellents!

April 13th, 2011


On November 3rd, we boarded our young Goldens on a private jet to Minnesota! Here is the newspaper article that details the event: Dogs On The Wing

March 1st, 2011


The week has finally come! We have been planning for months in advance for this yearly event. March is the time to bring all of our Cynazar Goldens for their yearly CERF eye exams! This week will be filled with lots of bathing, grooming, transporting, coordinating, and picture taking for our whole family!

January 29th, 2011


I just finished creating a page exclusively dedicated to the Assistance Dogs of Cynazar!

November 3rd, 2010


Six Cynazar Goldens traveled first class to become "Can Do Canines"! Our wonderful boys flew all the way to Minnesota on their very own private jet on Wednesday. They are beginning their training to become assistance dogs for the disabled. Among them was our very special Samson, son of Eskimo Pie Evidog (OFA Excellent) and Cynazar's Golden Diamond (OFA Excellent), who may go on to sire future generations of Can Do Canines! There will be an article written in the local newspaper- I will post it up when I receive a copy!


October 21st, 2010


We took our two lovely Sage daughters for their Sneak n' Peek x-rays on Thursday. These girls are incredibly sweet and well-mannered. We are thrilled with their personalities, temperament, gorgeous looks, and most importantly, with their hips! They both look like they will eventually get OFA Goods or better at this stage of the game!