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Exclusive Cynazar Photos

Here is a great photo of several Cynazar Goldens taking a swim across one of the lakes on our property. They love to follow us around in the boat, which makes it absolutely impossible to go fishing!


Below are some of our beautiful new dog runs that we put up in the driveway of our house in NJ. These runs are invaluable for loading and unloading our dogs to and from the car. Safety is always the first thing on our minds, and with a busy street not too far away, it's just not a good idea to be opening and closing the gate to the back yard in which our dogs run and play in on a daily basis.


Pictured here is Cynthia giving a little exercise to our older dogs! We all have a blast in the in the Pennsylvania snow, not just our dogs!


Guess who's thoroughly enjoying a litter of Cynazar puppies! We love our vet and the wonderful job he does with our Goldens.


Here are some curious faces at the vet waiting for their check ups!


Here is Jenne! Jenne is Cynthia's daughter, the creator of this website, and the one who answers most of your emails!



Here is a great shot of one of our dogs thoroughly enjoying the Pennsylvania hills! This orchard is one of the large areas in which we run our dogs. They get great cardio excersise as you could imagine!


Here is Pocketpooch enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi at our house in PA. Our dogs get the royal treatment!


And what's all this on the kitchen floor? BG and her puppies, of course! What a good mommy she was being to all eleven (wow) of her puppies!


Here is a gorgeous picture of "Bear", residing in Houston, TX. This beautiful boy is being loved and pampered by his owner, Michael K.


This happy girl's name is Zoe, owned by Tim H. Tim tells us how she loves to go hiking with him. Zoe is a fun-loving Half English Cream / Half American Golden.