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Puppy Match

You know that you want a Golden Retriever,
..But which individual dog is your best match?
No two dogs are the same, so making a decision can be difficult. Here at Cynazar Goldens, we live with our dogs and know their personalities inside and out. We prefer to 'custom match' each family with their own Ultimate Family Companion.
Whether you're ready for a Golden today,
Or next year,
 ..We invite you to fill out our "Puppy Match"!
Our Puppy Match will help you pin point your favorite aspects of the Golden Retriever.

Let Us Match You With Your Ideal Golden

LIFE STAGE Which of the following life stages are you most interested in?
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Eight weeks old
We allow our puppies to go to their new homes at eight weeks of age. At eight weeks, our puppies are already eating dry food and are trained to potty on pine shavings. We offer to start with crate, leash, and obedience training for families that want to give their puppy a head start. Each puppy is born with their own unique personality; as they grow, their experiences shape their understanding of the world and consequently their behavior.
Sixteen weeks old
We hold on to the "best of the best" from every litter, so the puppies that are available at this age are exceptional both in conformation and temperament. Older puppies also gain better control of their bowels, making crate training so much easier. We try not to name our puppies for as long as possible, since most families prefer to come up with their own meaningful name.
Six months old
Puppies at this age have complete control of their bowels, and can handle much more physically and emotionally than a younger puppy can. Mentally, however, they are still very much babies. This age is perfect for families that want an impressionable young puppy but would prefer to skip the extra work of raising a puppy from the age of eight weeks.

Eight months old
All of our adolecents are fully crate trained and leash broken. Their first hip x-rays are completed by the age of eight months. Conveniently, their permanent teeth have already come in by this age and they are well past the teething stage.
One year old
At the one year mark, we are left with only our finest young hopefuls. We choose their permanent AKC registered names and take them for their first set of clearances. They receive an OFA Cardio Clearance and first CERF Eye Exam. One year olds are very inquisitive and full of surprises. Mentally they are still developing, so it is important to continue training and setting boundaries throughout this stage of development.
Eighteen months old
Physical maturity and maximum full-grown size is reached at eighteen months of age. Spaying and neutering should never be done before then. This is the age where they begin to settle down. Although not quite mentally mature yet, an eighteen month old already has their own unique personality and way of understanding the world.

Young Adult
Two years old
By the age of two, a dog is officially considered an adult. Their bones have fully developed, and their personality has taken form. We have their permanent OFA Hip and Elbow clearances done, and depending on the results, we may decide to enter them into our breeding program. It is difficult and often times "unthinkable" for us to part with our two year olds because they are truly in the prime of their life. A lot is invested in each dog, and they are most valuable at this particular age.
Three years old
The difference between two and three years of age is less of a physical change; it's more of a spiritual one. It's as if a dog "finds themself" around this age. In general, they seem more self-confident, relaxed, and content with life. They are in their prime physically, but seem to act wiser than they ever did before. A three year old American Golden's face may begin to whiten, and a three year old European Golden's coat may darken in shade.

Four years old
A four year old Golden is a very low maintenance dog. They are well behaved, well trained, and well adjusted. They are versatile and easily adapt to any household situation. This is an optimal age to spay a female. Groundbreaking studies have proven that females exposed to ovaries for over four years live many years longer in comparison to those that are spayed at an earlier age. No one knows our dogs as well as we do, so it is easy for us to match the right dog with the right family.
Five years old
Our five year old females are ready to retire from our breeding program. A male's role in the program is much less difficult because it is the female that carries the puppies for two months, whelps them, and then raises them for another two months! Having been properly nourished, fed 5-star quality foods, and exposed to their own ovaries since birth, our retiring females are healthier and hardier than most household Golden Retrievers the same age!

Mature Adult
Six years old and older
We keep our favorite Golden Retrievers for longer than usual because it's very hard to part with them. As you can imagine, we are emotionally attached to every one of our dogs. It is a difficult decision, but a necessary one, since we must divide our attention among all of our puppies, adolescents, and adults at all times. The extra love and individual attention a family can provide is something that we ensure in each of our Goldens' futures. Our special favorites deserve very special homes, so we may spend more time than usual choosing families for our older dogs. Our Goldens are known to live past fifteen years of age, so there is really no rush to find "the right home". When it comes along, we can feel it, and we know that it's meant to be.