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Adolescent Match

Please be as specific and detailed as you can with your Puppy Match!


You're looking for an Adolescent. Let's continue..

AGE What ages are you specifically interested in? Please check all ages that apply.


Eight Month Old
All of our adolecents are fully crate trained and leash broken. Their first hip x-rays are completed by the age of eight months. Conveniently, their permanent teeth have already come in by this age and they are well past the teething stage.
One Year Old
At the one year mark, we are left with only our finest young hopefuls. We choose their permanent AKC registered names and take them for their first set of clearances. They receive an OFA Cardio Clearance and first CERF Eye Exam. One year olds are very inquisitive and full of surprises. Mentally they are still developing, so it is important to continue training and setting boundaries throughout this stage of development.
Eighteen Month Old
Physical maturity and maximum full-grown size is reached at eighteen months of age. Spaying and neutering should never be done before then. This is the age where they begin to settle down. Although not quite mentally mature yet, an eighteen month old already has their own unique personality and way of understanding the world.

.. Are you also considering any other life stages?


Young Adult
Mature Adult

GENDER What is your gender preference?




a male,

and I

a female."


In General, Males..

  • Have thicker features.
  • Have more muscle mass.
  • Tend to have a care free demeanor.
  • Tend to seek their owner's approval often.
  • Play "rough and tumble".
  • Form a "brotherly bond" with other males.

In General, Females..

  • Have finer features.
  • Have less muscle mass.
  • Tend to have a practical demeanor.
  • Tend to be sure of themselves.
  • Play peacefully and gently.
  • Form a "clique" with other females.

* These are general guidelines based off of observations of our own Golden Retrievers. Exceptions to these guidelines do exist. Large, big boned females and petite, fine featured males are not unusual. The Golden Retriever is naturally a family dog and loves to be around people, regardless of gender. There are specific circumstances under which dogs of the same sex should not be paired together (i.e. aggressive dogs).

COLOR Which shade(s) do you find most appealing? Check all that apply.




Light Gold
Medium Gold
Dark Gold


I made the above image myself!
If you can't see the difference between the White, Cream, and Blonde, tilt your computer screen up and away from you.

BLOODLINES Does it matter to you if your adolescent comes from European or American lines?


There are several differences between European and American Golden Retrievers. They vary in health, longevity, structure, coat type, temperament, demeanor, and energy level. Coat color cannot be considered a difference, because golden colored Europeans do exist and white colored Americans do exist.

I'm Not Familiar With The Difference Yet
I Want Full European
I Want Full American
No Preference
I Like European
I Like American
I Like Both

* If you don't know what the differences are and would like to find out, please feel free to research. You can also email us and ask our personal opinion on the differences. If after learning more you begin to prefer one bloodline over the other, you can update us with your preference so we can help pinpoint the ideal dog for you.

SIZE How big of a Golden do you want when full grown?


AKC Golden Retriever Standard:
Males: 65-75 pounds, 23 - 24 inches at withers
Females: 55-65 pounds, 21½ - 22½ inches at withers

ENERGY Do you have a desired energy level in mind?


Energy Scale:
1 As Calm As Possible
2 Very Calm
3 Calm
4 Easy Going
5 Middle Of The Road
6 Fun Loving

7 Excitable
8 Energetic
9 Very Energetic
10 As Energetic As Possible

PERSONALITY How would you like your Golden to interact with you?


* Please don't leave this part blank, it's very important!

Obliviously happy, or cunningly smart?
Show the thief where the silverware is, or protect the family from danger?
"I just met you and I love you", or respectful of your personal space?
Submissive or Dominant?
Codependent or Independent?
Motivated by food or by attention?
More like a dog or a person?


What are your Plans?

TIMING When is the best time for you to take an adolescent home?


TRAINING What training do you want your adolescent to excel at?

Basic Commands
Obedience Class
Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Work
Assistance or Service Training
Other More Advanced Training Methods

Cynazar adolescents make wonderful pets, but they also have the potential to excel at activities such as obedience and agility. Many of our Goldens have also been successfully trained for therapy and assistance work. Most assistance dog organizations wait until their puppies are older before they begin training them, because it is at this age that they absorb the most information!

AKC REGISTRATION Do you want to show and breed this adolescent?

I want a Pet. I don't want to show or breed my adolescent.
I am interested in Full Registration.

Showing and breeding can only be done under a Full AKC Registration. Full Registration on an adolescent costs $1,500 - $2,000 more than the original price, and includes a guarantee to pass all clearances at two years of age. We will only sell specific adolescents under a Full Registration, so your selection will be limited to the puppies that we consider worthy of being bred. We require additional screening and information for this and will only sell dogs under a Full Registration to appropriate situations approved by us. We offer Full Registration on a very limited basis.

PRICING How much do you want to spend?






Average Adolescent Pricing:
European x American
OFA Excellent Parents
$1,800 - $2,500
Breeding Rights: $4,500
$1,700 - $2,400
Breeding Rights: $4,400
$1,600 - $2,300
Breeding Rights: $4,300
OFA Good Parents
$1,400 - $2,100
Breeding Rights: $4,100
$1,300 - $2,000
Breeding Rights: $4,000
$1,200 - $1,900
Breeding Rights: $3,900


Can you provide a Suitable Home?

What is your family environment like?


Do you live in a house or an apartment?


Do you have a fenced back yard? Where will you exercise your adolescent daily?


How many hours a day would you leave your adolescent alone?


Adolescents can hold their bowels for much longer than puppies can. The crate is an essential tool that will help your dog adjust to your home smoothly. Mentally, an adolescent is still a puppy, but with more stamina and strength. It is important to exercise them daily and keep their mind busy with things to do and learn.

Are there children in your household? If so, how old are they?


Golden Retrievers are known all over the world for their way with kids. They truly are the best family dog, and are amazing with children.

Have you owned a dog before? How about a Golden Retriever?


Do you have any other pets at home?


Fun Facts:
Our pups are raised around our three cats and two parrots.
We let our adolescents and adults run in the pastures for fun- they love our horses and exotic chickens!

In what general area do you live?


Have you contacted us before?


* If we've heard from you already, it is important for us to know so we can consolidate your information and avoid emailing you multiple times.

How did you find out about us?


Please put down your name, email, and phone number so Jenne can match you with the right Cynazar Adolescent!

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If Jenne is not by the computer or would just prefer to speak with you over the phone, she will answer your Puppy Match by calling you. Speaking over the phone is faster, more convenient, and more personal than communicating through email.
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