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Young Adult Match

Please be as specific and detailed as you can with your Puppy Match!

Very Good. You're interested in a Young Adult. Let's continue..

AGE How old of a young adult would you prefer? Please check all age groups that apply.


Two Year Old
By the age of two, a dog is officially considered an adult. Their bones have fully developed, and their personality has taken form. We have their permanent OFA Hip and Elbow clearances done, and depending on the results, we may decide to enter them into our breeding program. It is difficult and often times "unthinkable" for us to part with our two year olds because they are truly in the prime of their life. A lot is invested in each dog, and they are most valuable at this particular age.
Three Year Old
The difference between two and three years of age is less of a physical change; it's more of a spiritual one. It's as if a dog "finds themself" around this age. In general, they seem more self-aware, relaxed, and content with life. They are in their prime physically, but seem to act wiser than they ever did before. A three year old American Golden's face may begin to whiten, and a three year old European Golden's coat may darken in shade.

.. Are you also considering other age groups?

Mature Adult

GENDER What would be your gender preference?

I Would Prefer a Male
I Would Consider a Male
I Do Not Want a Male

  • Males are generally a few pounds heavier.
  • Males can develop heavier bone and more muscle mass.
  • Males tend to be more codpendent.
  • Our males get along best with other males: Males love to play rough and rowdy with each other. They seem to pester females because of their playful nature, and sometimes don't realize their own strength. When kept together, males form "brotherly" bonds with eachother and treat each other as equals.

I Would Prefer a Female
I Would Consider a Female
I Do Not Want a Female

  • Females are generally a few pounds lighter.
  • Females can develop finer features.
  • Females tend to be less clingy.
  • Our females get along best with other females: Females seem to be less physical and more intellectual than males. They prefer the quiet company of other females, and usually ignore any males that are present. The strongest females enforce a hierarchy within their group.

* These are general guidelines based off of observations of our own Golden Retrievers. Exceptions to these guidelines do exist. Large, big boned females and petite, fine featured males are not unusual. The Golden Retriever is naturally a family dog and loves to be around people, regardless of gender. There are specific circumstances under which dogs of the same sex should not be paired together (i.e. aggressive dogs).

COLOR Which shade(s) do you find most appealing? Check all that apply.



Light Gold
Medium Gold
Dark Gold


I made the above image myself!
If you can't see the difference between the White, Cream, and Blonde, tilt your computer screen up and away from you. White is white, Cream is more of a pinkish-tan white, and Blonde is white with yellow accents. The point being is that a "Cream" Golden cannot be called pure white, and a "Blonde" Golden cannot be called cream, nor light golden.

BLOODLINES How do you feel about the European and the American Golden Retrievers?


I Like Both
I Want European Only
I Want American Only
No Preference
I Do Not Want European
I Do Not Want American
I'm Not Familiar With The Difference Yet

* Those of you who have done your homework understand the many differences between the two bloodlines. They typically vary in health, temperament, conformation, energy level, longevity, and intelligence. Coat color has NOTHING to do with it!

SIZE How big of a Golden do you want?

AKC Golden Retriever Standard:
Males: 65-75 pounds, 23 - 24 inches at withers
Females: 55-65 pounds, 21½ - 22½ inches at withers

ENERGY Do you have a desired energy level in mind?

Energy Scale:
1 As Calm As Possible
2 Very Calm
3 Calm
4 Easy Going
5 Middle Of The Road
6 Fun Loving

7 Excitable
8 Energetic
9 Very Energetic
10 As Energetic As Possible

PERSONALITY How would you like your Golden to interact with you?

Please don't leave this part blank, it's very important!

Obliviously happy, or cunningly smart?
Show the thief where the silverware is, or protect the family from danger?
"I just met you and I love you", or respectful of your personal space?
Submissive or Dominant?
Codependent or Independent?
Motivated by food or by attention?
More like a dog or a person?

Technical Questions

TIMING When would be the best time for you to bring your dog home?


TRAINING What training do you plan to do with your young adult?

Basic Commands
Obedience Class
Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog
Assistance Dog
Other Advanced Methods (Please Specify Below):

Cynazar young adults make wonderful pets, but they also have the potential to excell at activities such as obedience and agility.
Many of our Goldens have also been trained for therapy and assistance work. An adult Golden is calmer and wiser than a puppy or adolescent, which makes them ideal for this type of training.

REGISTRATION Are you looking to show and breed your young adult?

Showing and breeding can only be done under a Full AKC Registration. Full Registration on a young adult costs around $2,000 more than the original price. We will only sell specific young adults under a Full Registration, so your selection will be limited to the adults of our choice. We require additional screening and information for this and will only sell dogs under a Full Registration to appropriate homes approved by us. We offer Full Registration on a very limited basis.

PRICING How much are you looking to spend?





Average Young Adult Pricing:
European x American
OFA Excellent Parents
$1,800 - $2,600 ($3,000)
Breeding Rights: $4,200 - $4,700 ($5,300)
$1,700 - $2,500 ($2,900)
Breeding Rights: $4,100 - $4,600 ($5,200)
$1,600 - $2,400 ($2,800)
Breeding Rights: $4,000 - $4,500 ($5,100)
OFA Good Parents
$1,400 - $2,200 ($2,600)
Breeding Rights: $3,800 - $4,300 ($4,900)
$1,300 - $2,100 ($2,500)
Breeding Rights: $3,700 - $4,200 ($4,800)
$1,200 - $2,000 ($2,400)
Breeding Rights: $3,600 - $4,100 ($4,700)
* Prices colored green are for dogs with an OFA Hip Rating of Excellent

Where Would Our Puppy Be Going?

What is your family environment like?


Do you live in a house or an apartment?


Do you have a fenced-in back yard? If not, where would you exercise your dog daily?


How many hours a day would you leave your dog alone?

Young adults are perfectly fine being left alone for periods of time during the day. They should be taken outside at least three times daily, and allowed to spend plenty of time with the family before going back into their crate.

Are there children in your household? If so, how old are they?

Golden Retrievers are known all over the world for their way with kids. They truly are the best family dog, and are amazing with children.

Have you owned a dog before? How about a Golden Retriever?


Do you have any other pets at home?

Fun Facts:
Our pups are raised around our three cats and the family bird.
We let our adolescents and adults run in the pastures for fun- they love our horses and exotic chickens!

Where do you live?


Have you contacted us before?

Just so we know if we've heard from you already. It helps us sort through our email, voicemail, and Puppy Matches much faster.

How did you find us?


Please put down your name, phone number, and/or email so Jenne can match you with the right Cynazar Young Adult! She should get back to you shortly.

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 * required
Please put down your phone number if you would like us to get back to you right away. Please be sure to include your email if you would like us to send you new photos and detailed information about the puppy you are matched with.
*The information you have provided in this Puppy Match is for OUR EYES ONLY. All old Puppy Match information is erased from our inbox periodically.
Please follow up with an email if you don't hear back from us immediately!