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Daddy Yankee

Went Home 4/2019


Our amazing boy

has an amazing new home!

Perfect Personality Match

Went Home 7/15/2018


He loves his new family!

Roger came from a litter that was completely on deposit, but one family postponed their deposit to a future litter. He spent lots of quality time here with us and his Golden family (mom, dad, brother, grandmom, and aunt) waiting for the right family to come along. It really does seem that each of our puppies has the perfect match waiting for them just around the corner. When the ideal family came along, we knew right away! It was amazing to see him light up and feel a connection! He is a mellow boy with a quiet disposition, so at first it was subtle.. but soon he began to actually look for them and followed them right out the door! We cannot wait to hear all about how he is doing. Roger has set off to embark on the most amazing adventure; becoming the newest addition to a family made just for him!
Or is it the other way around?

Pick of Litter Female

Went Home 9/2017

Beautiful 11 week old cream

female is no longer available!

What her new owner has to say:
"Jenne,  This puppy is so sweet, calm and amazingly well-behaved.  She sleeps through the night in her crate without any whimpering or whining, and is slow and casual about leaving the crate when we open it up for her in the morning.  She has not had a single accident in the house.  She follows me everywhere I go, inside and out, and even comes back when I call her if she wanders too far from me in our yard.  And she's even adjusting to walking a little bit on the leash.  I have been doing my work at a table on our patio, and she just wanders around and plays, and she's so good that I never have to interrupt a phone call to get her to come back to me, or anything.  Right now, I'm working at my kitchen table and she's sound asleep on the floor right next to me.  I've taken to calling her my "magic puppy," because she's so good.  Thank you!"



Out of Pie and Floyd

SOLD 7/6/16
All of our puppies have been reserved for weeks, but one deposit holder was unable to take a puppy right now, so as a result we had one very special boy become available. He was scooped up the very same day that he was posted on our For Sale page! He's now living in the same town as his brother-cousin who went home less than a week ago! Both of them absolutely love the water, which makes living right beside the beach all the more fulfilling.
This puppy is the Pick of the Litter, meaning his conformation is superior to that of his brothers. He is so solid and well built! He also happens to have the whitest coat out of everyone in his litter. His sire is full European and his dam is half European and half American, all from our most coveted lines. He has very strong health and longevity behind him. He will inherit a kind, respectful temperament, with a touch of "touch me hug me love me" from his American grandmother.
He is sweet, gentle, playful, and loving. He loves the water and splashes in it every chance he gets!


His Parents:

Our full litter sisters, Blondie and Pie

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[Floyd's Pedigree]

[Floyd's Clearances]

OFA Normal Elbow
OFA Normal Heart
OFA Normal Eyes

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[Pie's Pedigree]

[Pie's Clearances]

OFA Normal Elbow
OFA Normal Heart
OFA Normal Eyes


Mufasa picked the perfect humans in November, 2015


Photos of this little guy courtesy of Hillary G. while visting us with her Cynazar Golden, Holly!

Just turned 10 weeks old! This little guy found his perfect forever home where he will be loved and appreciated for the very special little man that he is! He'll be living close by and will hopefully be back to visit us every so often!
We hand-raised this baby as an only puppy. He is the very last of our Pebwin XPDNC bloodline. Ever since he was little he had been reserved by a wonderful family that had already owned a Cynazar Golden, but unfortunately due to an unexpected illness in the family they had to make the difficult decision to wait for a future puppy. This little boy spent the beginning of his puppyood following us around at our heels and enjoying 'people' activities more so than 'puppy' ones! Since he was too tiny for our older Goldens to romp with and too playful for our younger puppies, he exclusively hung out with us every day watching us doing the 'boring people things'. He got the biggest kick out of playing with the children, though! He also loved searching for run-away french fries in our car. He is a brightly shining star with a personality bigger than life itself. Highly intelligent, a total love bug, and everyone's instant best friend. He is a true gem. Now he has gone off to enjoy the love and affection of his new family that he charmed and dazzled from the moment they met him! They couldn't have picked a better pal to spend the next decade plus with.


* * * * * * * *  October 2015  * * * * * * * *
Cynazar's Let Me Take a Selfie, born 8/20/11
Show stopping looks and a personality to match!
A true Leo, Selfie brings the happiness with her wherever she goes. She lights up the room, makes you smile, and eats up all the attention she can get! Leave it up to her to find everyone in the house or the building to give them a grand Golden greeting! Selfie is our last Pebwin XPDNC descendant. Always producing unbelievably beautiful conformation and angulation, amazing temperaments, and high intelligence. Her mother is Deal, her aunt is Shaina, and her half sister is Diva. Selfie's father is Eskimo Pie Evidog (OFA EXCELLENT) and her mother is Treasure's Deal or No Deal (OFA Good). Her father produced flawless hips time and time again. Selfie has OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, OFA Normal Cardio, OFA Normal Eyes. Selfie gave us a beautiful litter in 2014, and one beautiful puppy in 2015 before retiring from our breeding program and being spayed. She went to the perfect home in October of 2015, two months after celebrating her fourth birthday.

Mickey Female

Mickey Female
Mickey Female

It was truly meant to be! This intelligent and well mannered little girl found the ideal home. May, 2015


"Holly" is now one spoiled girl! * May of 2015 *


Diamond was adopted by a previous Cynazar Owner who we've known for nearly a decade! Diamond's new family is truly the perfect home for her. She went home in May of 2015.

Diamond just turned seven years old! Diamond would make the ultimate therapy dog. Her intuition runs so deep! Diamond knows what you want of her without having to say a word. She is the kind of Golden that could spend the entire day being petted and hugged. She absolutely loves children and gets along with everyone. She takes every opportunity that she is given to receive some love! "Where's Diamond?" Did you try looking down at your side? Because if she's not where she's supposed to be, she's right next to you waiting to be petted. Diamond can look into your eyes and see into your soul. She is a big, tall, dark golden girl. You can see her pictured above, standing proudly in the snow. Diamond is very calm, and is the epitome of obedient. It's like having a four legged person in the house! She is an excellent judge of character and can tell right away whether you have a kind soul. Don't be surprised when you find Diamond's head burried in your lap - that's her favorite spot! Diamond is the daughter of Chase, famous bat dog celebrity of the Trenton Thunders Baseball Team (sister team to the New York Yankees). Her famous brothers are Derby (Trenton Thunders) and Ollie (New Hampshire Fishercats). Diamond is forever welcome at the Trenton Thunders stadium and games; she's Baseball Golden royalty!


Dunkin Found His Forever Home in May of 2015! He is now enjoying baseball games and the company of his two new human brothers who adore him! He was renamed to Yogi Bear. How amazingly perfect is that name for this guy?

Dunkin is an absolute love. What a personality he has! When it comes to intlligence, he takes the cake. He is a big, warm, furry teddy bear with a luxuriously rich dark coat. Dunkin enjoys being next to you and adores being your main source of comfort and joy. His eyes can tell you the best stories. He'd make a wonderful therapy dog! He loves life and has that classic American Golden personality. Dunkin's father is 3/4 European, and both his Grandmother and his Great Grandfather were imported from Europe as puppies, so he has amazing genetics behind him! He's also part of the Trenton Thunders' Baseball Golden Legacy. He is on the calmer side, never rambunctious or over the top. He is a sweet and gentle soul even when he's playing outside. Dunkin gets along beautifully with all ages, sizes, and genders. He plays with his father every day and really brings out his fun side. Dunkin enjoys being your foot rest and makes for a very comfy and warm pillow. He behaves so well in the house, and is fully crate trained, although he always prefers to spend his time next to you rather than in the crate. Dunkin is the Pick of the Litter and has amazing conformation. He is just breathtaking! He is built so well that he would be ideal for any type of agility training, although his naturally calm energy level doesn't demand a high level of activity. He has the mental capacity to succeed in any kind of work, and would flourish in an environment where he can put his intelligence and people skills to good use. He will also succeed at simply being the best family companion that you've ever owned! Dunkin is worth every penny.

Why do we still have adolescents?


Bailey Found His Forever Home in May of 2015! Bailey now has a furry brother to be his best pal and enjoys the kindness and compassion of his wonderful new owners who have half a century of Golden-owning experience.

Bailey just turned two years old last month! He is ready to go home now. A sweet, gentle, kind, funny, and playful soul. He is unbelievably handsome! Bailey gets along with other dogs beautifully. He comes from our best genetics and is in excellent physical shape. Bailey has a blocky build and a gorgeous fluffy white winter coat that is straight and easy to manage. He is like a polar bear! Bailey is the opposite of overbearing; he prefers to be calm indoors and cheerful outdoors, but never over-the-top like some Goldens can become! He is not dominant but also not the 'bottom of the totem pole' type of guy, either. He is right in the middle, which is ideal. He is a huge fan of the snow!

Why do we still have adolescents?



February 2015

~ Found his perfect match on Valentine's Day! ~ 

Kiefer couldn't be happier with an entire family all to his own! He instantly fell in love with each member of his new family, gently greeting them and sharing the love. Kiefer couldn't stop wagging his tail and smiling; he even took the opportunity to give some kisses! He felt so comfortable and relaxed that he layed down and sprawled in the middle of everyone to absorb all the good vibes. We could tell by the way his new family treated him that he will be one spoiled pooch from now on! Come summer, Kiefer will be enjoying a pool and even trips to the ocean; every Golden Retriever's dream come true! We always hoped that Kiefer would go to a home with children because its in his nature to be kind and sensitive. He sure found his place; now he'll be turning heads like never before! Below is his original description from our For Sale page:

Male, just turned two years old. Kiefer is absolute eye candy! He couldn't be any more majestic and handsome with his massive blocky head, flowing blonde coat, and gorgeous conformation. It is rare to find a dog with "five stars" in both the looks and the personality department, but Kiefer is one of those rare gems! He is the sweetest love bug you could wish for. He would show a thief where the silverware is! He is constantly looking to you for direction and wants to be right by your side at all times, so he'd make an excellent therapy dog. He lends himself to any kind of training! When you walk he keeps his head right underneath your hand, usually licking it to make sure to let you know that you've got his full attention. He does this off leash, too! When he goes outside he comes back to the door to wait for you to join him. He gets along beautifully with other dogs, both males and females, and is used to all shapes and sizes of dogs and other animals such as chickens, horses, and our very noisy cockatoo. Kiefer sleeps upside down. The picture above is of him. You just won't find a better guy!




~ Found the Perfect Family ~

Farrah is a 100% European Golden who we imported from Europe as a puppy. She is extremely calm, loving, and patient. She is a true "velcro dog" and goes with you anywhere. Farrah enjoys basking in the sun, taking strolls on the property, and gazing into your eyes whenever she can. Her favorite time of the day is when we have raw meat and veggie scraps to hand out while preparing dinner. Farrah has a slow metabolism and an appetite to match; she prefers to eat small meals and never gets too chubby. Farrah is athletic when it comes to propelling herself into her crate; she prefers to sleep on top! She also jumps into action for chipmunk chasing! Farrah has provided us with two beautiful litters of puppies during her time as a Cynazar breeding dog. She was a good and patient mother to all of them. Farrah was pure white when she was young, and at around the age of three she gained a blonde hue to her coat. Farrah is currently 6 years old, about 65 lbs, and has a life expectancy of 15 strong, healthy years. Farrah is OFA Good (Hips), OFA Normal (Elbows), CERF Clear (Eyes), and Cardio Clear (Heart).




~ Has Her Forever Family ~

We have a sweet female named "Priscilla" available for adoption to the right home. She is very robust and healthy, and always has had a wonderful temperament. She is very calm, and very easy to get along with. She would be perfect for a quiet person looking for a buddy to spend time with at home and on walks around the neighborhood. Priscilla is 100% European and was flown to this country as a puppy. The average life expectancy of a European Golden is 15 years, and we believe that she will be one of the ones that go beyond that age. She is free from health problems, and has all of her clearances and then some (hips, elbows, heart, eyes, PRA). Priscilla gets along beautifully with other dogs of all ages, and would make the perfect "teacher" for a younger dog or gentle companion for an older one. Priscilla is of course leash broken and house broken. She loves riding in the car on the seat by the window so she can watch the scenery. We sometimes drive for 3 or 4 hours without stopping and she sits there looking out the window enjoying the trip the entire time. She loves laying in shaded areas outside. Her coat is a cream color. She is spayed.


~ Has Made Herself Right at Home ~
7 Year Old Female
100% European Import, Champion Bred
OFA EXCELLENT, Has All Clearances
Pet Only, Limited Registration

~SOLD 5/8/12~
Mr. Fluff was scooped up in a heartbeat by Philip, who wanted his mother to have the perfect Mother's Day gift!

"Jenne and Cynthia,

I cannot begin to tell how thankful I am that you sold Mr. Fluff to me.  When my wife Jennifer, Ava, and I surprised my Mom and Dad that day it was truly an awesome moment.  His name is Ryder and his full registered name is Cynazar’s Golden Ryder.  He is everything I expected and more.  You and your mother truly have a gift when it comes to your dogs.  Ryder has brought my family closer together - that could not have happened without you guys, and I am forever grateful.  On Sunday the whole family will be at my mom’s house.  We will be taking a family photo with our new addition and I will be sure to send you a copy.   Thank you again for everything!

- Philip"

"Mr. Fluff"
*Just Became Available!* Why Now?
8 Month Old Male
1/2 European 1/2 American, Champion Bloodlines
2nd Pick Male
$1,600 Limited Registration
Mr. Fluff is sweet, affectionate, and submissive. He is extremely obedient, and a dream on the leash. In fact, if you leave the gate open, he will stay inside the yard and wait for you to come back and give him permission to leave. He is so well behaved on the leash that you barely need to put any tension on it at all. Half of his littermates went on to become part of a seeing eye dog organization. We held onto him because he was so beautiful that we wanted to breed him. He had his hips x-rayed and they look like they will be getting an OFA EXCELLENT, just like both of his parents, and two of his grandparents. He is a cuddler and will crawl under your skin if you let him. His grandfather is Chase from the Trenton Thunders Baseball Team.

European Male
~SOLD 11/30/11~
"Thunder" was specially chosen by a seeing eye dog organization for his charisma and confidence! He will grow up to become a very important part of someone's life!

~RESERVED 9/13/11~
~WENT HOME 9/23/11~

~SOLD 9/9/11~
Mr. Flash, the ladies' man, now has a bachelor pad of his own!

~SOLD 7/16/11~
Dakota enjoys clowning around with her wonderful new family!

~SOLD 5/1/11~
Age: 10 months old.
Description: Blonde creamy luxurious full coat, Huge Magnificent Block head, lots of bone and muscle, stunning looks. Middle of the road/Happy energy level.
Personality: Very friendly, loves everyone he meets, always asking for more. Loves to play and run, follows you about the house, goes right in his crate. Has a very loving and gentle personality. He is a big teddybear of a puppy! Good with other dogs and cats. Crate trained, walks on leash.
Parents: Father is Flash Evidog, "Flash" our super friendly, stunningly magnificent looking stud who is the ultimate pleasure to spend time with. Flash is by far our most impressive looking male, with a huge block head, beautiful conformation, and a silky white coat. Flash is a Direct European Import from excellent bloodlines. His pedigree is riddled with European Champions, and he passes on his very healthy European genes on to his puppies, along with his handsome looks. Mother is Cynazar Cyndarella's Slipper, "Cynda" - our OFA Excellent dam who is not only stunningly gorgeous, but very smart and more than friendly. Cynda is a direct decendant of top American Champion lines. She has the classic American Show looks, and passes this along with her personality on to her puppies. Cynda's daughter, "Diamond", is OFA Excellent.
Sold as: Pet.
~SOLD 4/24/11~
Age: 1 year old.
Description: Blonde full coat with feathering, Block head, Impressive angulation and conformation. Calm, collected and motivated energy level.
Personality: Intelligent, gives you constant eye contact, focusses in and listens. Eager to please. Calm, collected, very easy going and loves to observe. A dream on the leash, crate trained. Would make excellent obedience dog. Excellent with other dogs (including males), cats, and has proved himself safe and gentle with even the youngest of children.
Parents: Father is Eskimo Pie Evidog, "Skimo" - our OFA Excellent stud who steals everyone's heart with his "glass half full" personality. Skimo is a Direct European Import, grandson of world-famous European Champion "Xanthos Apple Jack". Skimo produces outstanding hips in each of his offspring. Skimo's upcoming stud sons, "Harvey" and "Samson", are both OFA Excellent. Mother is Treasure's Deal or No Deal, "Deal" - our OFA Good dam who is intelligent and ready to please. Deal's father is American Champion Pebwin XPDNC. She has very good genes behind her, and produces gorgeous, show quality offspring with gentle temperaments.
Sold as: Pet