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Waiting List

Getting on the Waiting List
Our Waiting List is for those families that have left a deposit with us and are waiting to choose their puppy. Choices are in the order of deposits received. If mailing a check, you are placed on our Waiting List on the day that we receive your check in the mail.
Deposit Policy
Deposits are non-refundable unless we
are unable to provide you with a puppy.

For instance, if you specifically placed your deposit on a male but only females are born, you would have the option of refunding your deposit.

Deposits remain valid and transferable
until the day you purchase your puppy.

For instance, if your plans unexpectedly change and you must wait to bring a puppy home, your deposit will remain valid with us until you are ready again. Once you purchase your puppy, your deposit becomes a part of the purchase price.

Deposits are transferable to any other
puppy, litter, or older Cynazar Golden
available now, or any time in the future.

For instance, if you had left your deposit on one litter but you later decide that you would prefer a puppy from another litter, you may move your deposit so that it reserves your choice of all the puppies from that litter that remain unreserved at that time. You're also welcome to move your deposit to an available puppy of the opposite gender, or to any of our available older puppies, adolescents, or adults.

We cannot reserve a puppy for you without a deposit.

We must be sure that every family is serious about providing a wonderful home to each of our puppies, because when a puppy is reserved, we must turn down all other interested families contacting us who may also be an ideal home for that puppy.

Leaving a Deposit
Before accepting a deposit, we need to know that our puppy will be going to a safe and loving environment. Please see our Adoption Process page for details on what information we need from you.
Thank you!